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If you have an idea for a custom project, please let me know. I love a good challenge, and I work hard to make sure every project fits your needs perfectly!

Professional Development Plan Tracker

This google form system allows staff to keep track of the PD hours they have earned and keeps the approval process simple for the committee. ($1000+)

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Class Sorter

This google sheet system saves you time by evenly distributing your students among class sessions and allowing you to switch students around with the click of a button. ($400+)

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Carpool Pick-Up System

This google sheet allows you to keep track of parents/guardians that have arrived to pick up students. An email gets sent to the teacher so that the student can come out to meet the parent/guardian. ($400+)

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Schedule Sorter

This google sheet system allows you to input your times for each grade level and section of students and produces a master schedule. ($500+)

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Staff Directory

This data studio system allows you to compile data about your staff and look at a summary, or pull up data about a specific staff member. Need an email address? Want to know Mr. Smith’s favorite candy? Everything is compiled in a real-time data dashboard. ($400+)

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