skills that pay the bills

– Marie Forleo

Consulting with schools and districts in order to:

  • Provide expertise in data storage structures and platform reports
  • Translate numbers and facts to inform strategic problem-solving
  • Create and follow processes to keep data confidential
  • Write functions, formulas, and app scripts in Google Sheets or Excel
  • Create data visuals that are easy to comprehend for staff, students, and communities
  • Organize the systems and structures by syncing platforms and/or spreadsheets
  • Create systems of accountability
  • Present clear ideas and procedures to staff through professional development and training sessions
  • Digitize data-driven re-teach form, create a structure for discussing at team-level, and an administrative tracking system for accountability
  • Dive into State Report Card data to determine areas of focus for the district and present at staff and admin level
  • Create a report to do a deep dive in to referral data, including comparisons to previous year, top referral categories, locations, time of day, day of week, and specific student data; keep report updated on a weekly basis
  • Pull weekly data from online learning platform to determine and increase the impact on student achievement
  • Pull together data from multiple sources (state tests, diagnostic assessments, etc.) to assist in class placement
  • Compile academic data to track passage rates and assist in goal-setting for teams and administration
  • Assist in re-structuring online principal procedures in order to increase efficiency
  • Collect behavioral data to determine impact of co-teaching structures
  • Analyze academic online platform data to help cut licenses that are not being used and decrease financial burden
  • Create automatic certificates that are emailed to students and teachers based on collected data to celebrate achievement

Previous projects:

  • Instructional Framework Graphics
  • Form to monitor Re-teaching Cycles
  • Curriculum Documents (Scope & Sequence, Unit Plans, Lesson Plans, all in one place)
  • Standards Tracker
  • MTSS Intervention Progress Monitoring Tracker
  • Reading Improvement Plan/Reading Guarantee Tracker
  • Report Card Data Tracker/Presentation
  • Student Data Dashboard (showing calculated risk levels for all students)
  • Student-Specific Data Tracker (showing demographics, attendance, behavior, reading, math)
  • District Attendance Dashboard
  • Behavior Tracking System
  • District Behavior Dashboard
  • Reading/ELA Data Dashboard
  • Math Data Dashboard
  • State Test Dashboard
  • Contact & Meeting Form & Dashboard
  • Credit Tracking Dashboard
  • Graduation Seals Tracker
  • Strategic Plan Tracking (goals, action steps, adult implementation, student measures)
  • Grant Tracker
  • Diagnostic Data Dashboard
  • Student Incentive Tracker (looks like a bank statement for students – all online)
  • Instructional Coach Tracker & Dashboard
  • Student Goal Tracker for Teachers
  • Student Goal Tracker for Students
  • Class Sorter
  • QR Code PD Attendance Tracker
  • Credit Hour Tracker for Staff

Contracts will be customized based on school’s needs.

I offer packages with and without ongoing services.

Let’s work together.

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